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  They finally did it. The forces of darkness overwhelmed the historic Close Up Program at BA. Gone but not forgotten.
2015 BA's first ever true non-participation. Reason? Theories abound.
2014 BA's first ever solo attack. Noor Shahed braves the Close Up Program - on her own!
2013 Close Up in June - its a first! Almost didn't happen - thanks DISD. Alls well that ....oh well, you know. A week in DC then...graduation! Yes!
2012 Four, Quatro, the perfect balance. Or the perfect storm. Last minute deal. We kept the BA tradition alive. It was close.
2011 A perfect 10. Close Up Cougars have a population explosion. Get a quick look before it shuts down...again. It didn't.
2010 Environmentalism, don't ask don't tell, DC taxation without representation, abortion, pound big business.....its all about the issues. Or is it?
2009 Girl Power in the Obama Era! The ultimate Cherry Blossom experience. Beautiful weather. Big crowds. The works.
2008 It was April this BA Close Up year and we didn't regret it. Cherry blossoms, nice weather, and spring in the air.
2007 The year of the RED Tape.
Money, elgibility, time....the usual challenges. But even the bueaucracy couldn't keep these Cougars from the nation's capital in 2007.
2006 They won't forget the Cougars of Bryan Adams High School after this year.
2005 Snow, wind, distance, illness - nothing can stop the Cougars of BA from their appointed destiny with DC!
2004 Its a triumphant return for the Cougars of Bryan Adams High School.
2003 Here's the group that WOULD have gone if the nation wasn't placed under a Level Orange Threat Condition by the Department of Homeland Security
prompting the DISD to cancel some student travel.
2002 Six months after the attacks of 9 -11. We see many changes in the nations capital. The city still feels very secure but the government officials are determined to prevent another such incident.
Yes, that's the US Capital.
2001 Six months BEFORE 9 - 11. There is security but it would be the last time for BA students to wander freely about the US Capital and to visit famous monuments unencumbered with walls, vehicle barriers, and numerous armed guards.
Computers didn't stop working, planets didn't align, and the earth didn't spin out of orbit. Everything was just...normal! For example, BA students visit the nation's capital with the Close Up Government Studies Program.
1999 The year of the shoes....
1998 Ten girls. 'Nuff said....
1997 A star-studded event!
1996 Reeba (second from right) later became a DC insider working at the Pentagon so she gave ME the grand tour!
1995 A lot of Cougar Connections here.
Yep, that's the White House back there.
1994 Good weather all week. Can ya believe it?
1993 My first Close Up week at BA. It was memorable. The famous late snowstorm of '93- "The Storm of the Century" - allowed us to "enjoy" three extra days in the nation's capital!
1992 My last Close Up week at SOC. I'm sure it was great but how would we know? No pictures! Remember this was pre-digital camera days...Any former Golden Bears with Close Up pics from 1992????
1991 The year of the lost data. The early years of digital storage. All that remains is a few pics from the banquet/talent show/dance. Still, a fantastic week in Washington DC. Who couldn't love it?
1990 The four ladies of South Oak Cliff. Golden Bears all the way! Assertive, confident and fearless. They showed the way and challenged the powers that be.
1989 Wow, what a Close Up week! Close Up took us all down to historic Williamsburg for an unbelieveable experience. Also, your humble chronicler stumbles across a Supreme Court case with ties to SOC. Talk about "close up"!
1988 A packed fun-filled and super informative week in our national capital. The week included many famous sightings on Capital Hill - including President Ronald Reagan! The week included a visit to Mt. Vernon and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.
1987 These SOC Golden Bears let their voices be heard in the nation's capital - literally - with an acappella performance by one of our own during the going-away talent show. It's the BIG 80's baby!

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