Close Up
Sleep in - the first time ever! Fly the friendly skys from DFW to DIA. They ARE friendly aren't they? Just ask Eric and Dominique between the bumps... Lets land - quick, smack dab in the prob take the shuttle. From northern Virginia to Maryland, Silver Spring. Too late to go anywhere. Just register, unpack, meet the roomates and EAT!


Thanks to the Crossroads staff for this article after we returned:

Six of our fellow Cougars attended what is called a “Close Up” trip to our nation’s capital March 4 through March 10. Government teacher Marcus Hall organized the trip, as he has done at BA for many years.
“Close Up is a way to show teenagers, who are still not able to vote, that we can still have a major impact on the government,” said senior Anna Sciortino.
Even though the total cost of the trip was about $1,650, the money was well spent.
Students got to visit such places like the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, the Holocaust Museum, the Vietnam Wall, and Capital Hill, as well as many other extraordinary places.
“Not only did we get to see different places, we also got to see the House of Representatives review a bill,” said senior Lizeth Mendoza.
They also got to meet with Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson, and Congressman Jeb Hensarling.
“I would recommend students who are going to attend the trip next year to be more informed of what is going on in our country,” said Sciortino.
As well as meeting some of our state’s politicians, they also got to meet their roommates who were from different states.
“The girls from Massachusetts were more perky and they had a totally different type of slang than the kind we use,” said senior Melissa Walsh.
Visiting new places and meeting important people weren’t the only memorable moments for these Cougars.
“My most memorable moment was when I had Dominique sit next to me on the airplane and he began eating fried chicken that he brought from home,” said Sciortino.
Even though they had a busy schedule, they still had many laughs throughout the trip.
“It was so funny when Melissa and Dominique got trapped inside the Metro (subway). They looked so scared. Also when Eric accidentally gave a homeless man $10, thinking it was $1. By the time he realized what he did, the homeless man was gone,” said Mendoza.
“The scenery was beautiful, so many trees. It was everything I expected and more,” said Sciortino.
“I enjoyed having debates about topics that were currently occurring. Also Mr. Hall, who we called ‘Papa Hall,’ was awesome, too. He acted like one of us, totally different than the way he does in school. He was like a little kid,” said Walsh.
Interested in attending the Close Up trip next year? Then ask Mr. Hall for more information. You don’t have to be a senior or have his class in order to attend; you just have to want to learn more about your government and politicians.
If you think you can’t afford the trip next year, you can ask a club or a company to sponsor you.
Here is a little advice if you are planning to attend next year.
“Be prepared when you go to Washington, especially the weather. I wasn’t expecting it to snow so I didn’t bring a heavy coat,” said Sciortino.
Don’t expect to go on a vacation because your schedule will be packed with places to go and people to meet; however, in the end, you will experience many amazing moment like our students did on the Close Up ‘07 trip.