Close Up

Four Cougars. Light load for '12, still 4:30AM @ DFW. We made it - even the first timers...except Heidi. It was close. "Where's Heidi?" Right there at the last minute. At the ticket counter. Close ....but not too close. We're in. Hurry up just to wait some more. Stop over in Memphis. Blow a load of dough on airport food. Oh, the lessons. Ten dollar biscuit...or something. Memphis, its not the city of the blues for nothing. On to DCA. First of many entertaining drivers. Weather - very nice. Late spring in DC. Warmish. Green. Hotel - aint ready. No prob- lets go touristing. But first its Big Mac time in Rosslyn. Let the planking begin. Hey, its a free shuttle to the Pentagon. Heck yeah, we'll take it. On to the 9 -11 Memorial. Reflective benches for each of the victims based on their ages. Unique. Moving. To the Mall. No, not that one. Air & Space. Great as usual. But outside is the place to be on this sunny day. Hey, the mall is a construction site. Major reno under way. They can't find enough ways to spend our money. The Hirshhorn Scupture Garden. Awesome. Yeah, more planking. Its already getting old...But wait, its a classic 1940's carousel. Lets ride! More scupture at the National Gallery of Art Gallery Sculpture Garden. Make a wish!