Cool Links? You be the judge. If you have a web page that is worthy, let me know, I'll include it here.

BA Links

Bryan Adams High School - The Official BA website - Best in District!

Bryan Adams High School Alumni Association - The Official BA Alumni site. An association of BA graduates going all the way back to 1957. Come on you recent grads, join up! Go Cougars!

Dallas Independent School District - Says it all. - Focuses on the Class of 1966 but loaded with all sorts of BA history. A very deep site. Tons of pics, documents, videos and more.

Other Cool Links

The Dallas Morning News  - Hmm, I wonder what this link leads to?

Dallas Historical Society - Dedicated to the preservation of Dallas and Texas history. All history and politics starts at home.

IMDB - Internet movie database has all the goods on all the movies.

CNN - The original Cable News Network. Thanks Ted Turner.

FOX News - The upstart Cable News Network. Fair and Balanced. You decide.

CNN Student News - Designed for use in middle and high school classrooms - hey, that's us!

Khan Academy - Wanna learn something? Need homework help? Try this.

The Drudge Report - For all you right wing fanatics.

Democratic Underground - For all you left wing wackos.

Yelp - Restraurant reviews, museum reviews, movie reviews, reviews, reviews, reviews..

Salon - Kinda liberal online mag. Fun political journalism.

Close Up Foundation Home Page - This is the official site for the Close Up Foundation. If you are interested in going to Washington with me next spring check this site and my Close Up page.

The History Channel - Ever wanted to know what happened the day you were born, or a year ago, one hundred years ago, a thousand? Not only TV stuff here. Its all about history.

PBS Online - Channel 13, educational TV at its finest!

Discovery Online - I know a lot of you are watching this channel on the sly. Come out of the closet, admit it!

National Geographic - You know, there's this magazine, and uh, its been around about 125 years, and uh, well this is their site.

Census Bureau - These guys know way too much about us, but if you want facts and stats they got 'em.

AP Central/College Board - Get ready for that test!

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