The Academic Decathlon Team of Bryan Adams High School

Competing against W.T. White, Hillcrest, Townview TAG, and Townview Science & Engineering, the BA team placed second, behind Science & Engineering. The team took tests on ancient history and medals were won in essay writing (Silver- Xuan Nguyen, Bronze- Brenda Hernandez, Bronze- Tracy Burr, Bronze- Marvin Reyes), math (Bronze- Marvin Reyes), economics (Gold- Cristina Perin, Silver- Denny Luong), language and literature (Silver- Cristina Perin, Bronze- Tracy Burr), music (Gold- Cristina Perin, Gold- Tracy Burr, Gold- Marvin Reyes), super quiz (Gold- Cristina Perin, Silver- Thoa Nguyen, Silver- Hardik Jayswal, Bronze- Xuan Nguyen), social science (Bronze- Rini Abraham), and overall medals (Gold- Tracy Burr, Silver- Cristina Perin).


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